Ballet Class


The British Dancing Academy is dedicated to bringing out the best in its students through training in classical ballet technique and discipline. Emphasizing technique and discipline, the school seeks to further artistic achievement and character growth of its students through examination and our year end performance. While they build strength, grace, and musicality, students develop an eagerness to work and gain self-confidence that will serve them well throughout their lives.  The Academy features a professional faculty, studio pianists, and provides opportunities that are not only exciting and fun, but also a powerful motivation to excel.


For Pre-school and Kindergarten students, these classes are the starting point.


For students from first grade through high school, these classes provide classic ballet training through a progression of levels advancing through the examination program.


Flexibility, strength, and enjoyment are the offerings in these classes. No prior training is required.    

Miss Emilie started dancing at the age of three in Kirkland.  When her family moved to Kent she enrolled at The British Dancing Academy where she stayed for ten years furthering her passion for dance. At the BDA, Miss Emilie studied all styles of dance offered and grew to know that this was what she wanted to do for the

Miss Veronica has over 20 years experience teaching with The British Dancing Academy. Miss Veronica grew up dancing at The British Dancing Academy.  Her formal training is in ballet through the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance and Royal Academy of Dance. She also has training is modern, tap, and jazz and attended Boston Ballet Summer School.  Miss Veronica’s first

Miss. Sally started her dancing journey at age six in North Yorkshire England, where she studied jazz, tap, ballet and modern. She knew at a very early age that she wanted to dance and eventually become a dancing teacher. To help realize this dream she attended a professional dance College in London for three years, continuing to study all aspects

Miss Jasmine started off as a student at the BDA, and after graduating high school, went on to pursue a career in teaching.  She attended Seattle Pacific University where she studied elementary education, and interned with British at the same time.  After her schooling, she was brought on as a full-time BDA teacher. Miss Jasmine teaches nearly all of our Pre-school and Kindergarten creative

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  1. Sarah
    20 hours ago

    Hi, my daughter just turned 10 and has taken several years of ballet from a teacher that was trained there that highly recommended your program. Can you send me cost and schedule information for the level that my daughter would be in? Thanks!

  2. Kendra Gonzalez
    19 hours ago


    My daughter will be 4yrs old on August 9th. Do you have a Saturday class I can bring her to, to try and see if this is something she really wants to do? She keeps asking to do ballet, but I have no experience with it and she loves dancing and music.

    Thank you

    1. Sarah
      9 hours ago

      Hi Kendra! We do offer Saturday classes for 4 year-olds and would love to have your daughter try. Look for an email from us soon with more information!

  3. Vivian Tram
    9 hours ago

    Hello! My daughter is 10 years old and has 7 years of experience of ballet in her. Her studio just closed so we decided to look at the one her friend is in! Would you please let me know what classes she can join? Thanks!

    1. Sarah
      16 hours ago

      Hi Vivian! We would love to send you more information and to find the best place for her. We will email you very soon!


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