Parent Watch Day Etiquette

Parental involvement is very important in building your child’s healthy spirit and love for the gift of dance. We encourage you to watch your child’s class on the first class of the month.  Please follow our guidelines below to make this a special and enjoyable day for all.

1) Please make arrangements to be on time and stay for the entire class. It is distracting to our dancers, teachers and other parents to have people coming and going. If you must leave, we ask that you wait until an appropriate break in the class to exit quietly.

2) Please do not bring young children who are unable to sit quietly for the entire class.

3) Please turn off your cell phone (ringer and vibration mode) and do not answer a call in the middle of class. Keep in mind texting is just as distracting and takes away from the valuable lesson of discipline we are trying to instill in your children.

4) Please do not talk to your child or call them over to you during class. They are concentrating hard on what the teacher is asking them to do.

5) Please do not talk.

6) Please no food or drink in the studio.

7)  Please be in the moment of your child’s efforts. We ask that you refrain from taking videos and pictures during the entire class. Enjoy watching your child participating live in front of you.

May 2024